Be Defined by a clear VISION!

One of the differing factors between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t is a VISION! Take it from me, when things go sideways, your vision can be the guiding light at the end of a dark and seemingly endless tunnel. Having a vision in your business is absolutely critical; it’s like a benchmark that lets you know how close you are to what you want and how much harder you need to go. Your vision acts like the grease that lubricates your gears and keeps you consistently seeking your goals!

So, what is a vision?

A vision is the mental image of the future you want to build. A vision goes beyond goal setting it represents your hopes and dreams whether in business or in your personal life.

Having a clearly defined vision should Always be the first and most important step into any business endeavour. Here are 3 key motives for setting your vision for your business:

Everyone is on the same page. When you have a clear vision within your establishment you gain a team that is organized, focused, and working together to contribute to the vision.

An awesome vision has a motivational effect not only on you but on everyone within the organization as well. It creates energy and enthusiasm within team members to find ways to make that future vision the present reality. This is especially important in difficult times, like right now in the wake of COVID19, a clear vision will produce persistence and remind you why you started.

3.Focal Point
As I mentioned before your vision is like your compass, or guiding light. It helps you to sift out opportunities that will advance or regress your business. Your vision will also assist you in defining your short and long-term goals.

So… How do you come up with one?

Be Ambitious! Be Fearless! Be Definite!

Be Ambitious: Let your ambition drive you and do not hold back. Big dreams are born from big ideas, I can personally attest to that! Your vision should be extraordinary, that’s what will make you motivated to consistently chase after it! A good vision sets a benchmark of what your measure of excellence is and it forces your business to stretch.

Be Fearless: Your business will only grow to the extent that you allow it to – fear should bever be a part of that equation! Acknowledge challenges and difficulties but keep your focus on positive outcomes.

Be Definite: A vision shouldn’t be broad. It should be detailed and should clarify purpose and direction. It also must be articulated clearly so it can be understood, clearly pointing toward a specific future.