Dear South African Youth

Well done on doing the necessary to realising your full potential. It’s your time and your moment to be the best that you can be.

How It Works
ZAYouthMovement is run by a group of young South Africans. It’s a non-profit organisation. It’s a non-political organisation. Our aim is to motivate the entire youth population of South Africa to be self-reliant, self-aware and self-starting in all aspects of their lives, by eradicating co-dependency and nurturing cooperation. We rely on the government for too much.
We guided by our Pillars which show how we will achieve this:

 Mentorship Program – a select group of youth will be chosen to be part of the Tim Hogins Incubator program a 25 week program that will start its selection in January 2021. The winners will travel regionally.
 Funding – by crowding our funding we can get more funding and the selection of which projects /factories to resuscitate.
 Blacqmarket – the next big online payment platform which rewards you for signing up shops online and gives benefits. It’s a loan provider and services peer to peer revenue streams.

 Acquisition Of Businesses – we will acquire businesses that have fallen behind by our crowdfunding initiative. And employ only the youth from South Africa.
 Startup Of New Business / Programs – within our calendar of activities are over 500 new businesses that will start in 2021 alone.
 Township Economy Participation – The township awards will kick-start this initiative of recognising the ekasi projects that work. These will get the uplift they need and spun on the other enterprises in our townships. Registrations start in January 2021.

 Financial (Employment & Empowerment)
 Physical – each member will undergo training in self-defence and combat.

The R10 Question
Why are you asked to pay the R10 monthly? Because its the same as paying for one hour parking or just a cool drink. Because we are a non-profit organisation and need to build this up with your help. Because R10 is a small contribution to setting yourself up. It’s a monthly fee which will aid us to grow the fund to be able to achieve half of what we want to do.

Because if it was Free you wouldn’t care as much. After making payment a ZAYM membership number will issued which will be unique to you. Keep this number as it will allow you access to the initiatives we have planned. Make your R10 donation to the following bank details clearly stating your name and ZAYouthMovement Membership as a reference:

Account Name – SA Youth Team NPC
Bank – First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type – Enterprise Business Account
Account Number – 62870579962
Branch Code – 210554
Branch Name – Comm Account Services Cust
Swift Code – FIRNZAJJ

Its up to us to make this work. No one else but us.

Yours Sincerely

Tim Hogins
Chairman / Founder