We are a movement aiming at mobilising the youth with the objective of ending their dependency on government and others.

The aim is to harness the energy of the 30 million classified as youth in a positive way. Grow them to be self reliant.

The Movement Is...

1. Whom Are WE? – Youths 12yrs to 40yrs all races creed colour and background
2. Our Common Goal – Securing Tomorrow For Us!
3. How Do We Do This? – Motivation Leaders, Funding
4. How? – Grow the Movement to give a platform for youth to be the best version of themselves.
5. Our Shared Outcome – Share. Share. Grow.

1. Vision

To motivate the entire youth population of South Africa to be self reliant,
self aware and self starting in all aspects of their lives, by eradicating
codependency and nurturing cooperation.

2. Mission

Securing Our Tomorrow, By Doing The Necessary

3. Pillars

• Empower
• Mentorship Program
• Funding
• Blacqmarket

• Employ
• Acquisition Of Businesses
• Startup Of New Business / Programs
• Township Economy Participation

• Protect
• Financial (Employment & Empowerment)
• Physical

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